Women’s Circle – Saturday February 24, 2017

2:00 – 6:00 pm



Dearest Full Moon Retreaters,

You are invited into the private garden sanctuary of world renowned Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, a Board Certified medical doctor, intuitive and international healer, and powerful motivational speaker.

Our first Women’s Circle will delight, inspire, elevate you, and change your life! Please come prepared to challenge yourself a little: we do not just sit around. We dig deep into our darkness and emerge anew at the end. This unique, extraordinary event is nothing like you have attended before!

Dr. Carolle joins forces with the colorful, creative staff of licensed healthcare professionals at Full Moon Retreats, to bring you an exhilarating afternoon of fun, laughter, growth, self-discovery, and kinship!

This event will show you how to tap into your inner resources, and be overfilled with joy and zest even in the midst of difficult situations.

Soak in the nurturing embrace of sisterhood to gently guide your growth. Plant the seed of lasting connections with your new family of moon-gazers, trailblazers, and daring women eager to support you all along.

* Sacred Rituals
* Laughter Yoga- How to laugh your way through life!
(Marianne, Yoga Instructor and Laugher Yoga Therapist)
* Joy Circle – (Dr. Carolle)
* Tea Ceremony – the gift of mindfulness and presence
* No-fuss one minute Meditations – why sit for 45 minutes when you can sit for 60 seconds?
* Play Therapy for Adults – why kids are happier and more resilient than adults, and how to catch up to them (Claudia, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist)
* Vision Boards to reclaim your story (Bonnie, Certified Holistic Practitioner, and Claudia)
* And more…….

Your ticket includes a raffle for a ticket to our next personal retreat.

$29 if purchased by February 1
$39 if purchased between February 2 and February 15
$49 if purchased after February 15

Space is limited, sign up now to guarantee your spot. Address provided upon RSVP.

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First Full Moon Women’s Retreat – Feb. 24, 2018

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