So, if you’ve never started a business you’re probably wondering where to start. It’s all good…you’ll have help along the way. If you’re an experienced entrepreneur here’s a quick cut to the chase: Young Living shares over half its profit with sales representatives! That means when you learn how they do payouts and create a plan for yourself, you can make it work even more in your favor.
So let’s get started.
First of all, you don’t have to reach any high level in the company when you’re a member; you get a 24% discount on products regardless. So if you like using the products, it’s a no-brainer.
If you decide to actively sell, it’s a great opportunity! Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, building a business on the side or creating a retirement plan, you can do it in your own time.
The lingo, percentages, levels, legs, etc. can be overwhelming at first but the main concepts are to learn what essential oils are used for, start using them, and share the information with your friends and family. Yes, it’s that easy.
Young Living has different names for levels you can achieve, and each level pays out in different ways, depending on your sales and the total sales of others you introduce to Young Living. The person who introduced you to Young Living (or someone in their network) can give you advice so you can maximize your earnings: your team is there to help because when you succeed, they succeed too! The vast majority of Young Living distributors don’t pursue it as a business, but the opportunity is there anytime (I used Young Living products for many years until I finally decided to pursue it as a business). Below is a graphic of what could be called “Levels and Legs”. Basically, you earn 8% of the total sales from anyone you introduce to Young Living (Level 1), 5% of anyone they introduce (Level 2), and 4% from the sales of the next level down (Levels 3-8), etc. It adds up, and over time it becomes PASSIVE INCOME. When you find people who build their essential oil business, you’ll benefit too.
As you add people to your team, these become your “Legs”. To achieve different ranks in the company, they require a certain number of Legs, each with a certain amount of sales. Knowing this, you can strategically plan where to place new members in your organization.
Some useful lingo is something called “PV” which stands for Personal Volume. Anytime you purchase Young Living products with PV (most of their core products have PV) this counts towards your sales. Another term you’ll hear is “ER” which refers to the “Essential Rewards” auto-ship program. This is a great way to build your essential oil collection and is highly recommended when you first get started; you can cancel at any time. Young Living gives bonus products to members who participate in the Essential Rewards program. When you start getting commission checks from Young Living, you’ll need to have at least 50 PV and to maximize your payout you’ll need 100 PV. It’s a great idea to attend a training so you can learn more about achieving higher levels/ranks in the company. If you’re in the San Diego area, we have trainings every 6 months; we encourage you to join us! Check out our Events page for more information or send us an email.
To get started and become a part of our team, sign up HERE.